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Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is a secondary housing unit that is typically built on the same lot as a primary dwelling unit, such as a single-family home. Here are some benefits and advantages of ADUs:

  • Increased housing options: ADUs provide an additional housing option for families, individuals, and seniors who may want to live close to family or in a specific community but cannot afford to purchase or rent a larger home.

  • Increased property value: An ADU can increase the property value of a home by providing an additional source of rental income or even potentially increasing the resale value of the property.

  • Additional rental income: Homeowners can rent out their ADUs for extra income, which can help pay off their mortgage faster, reduce financial stress, or fund retirement.

  • Aging in place: ADUs can provide a solution for seniors who want to age in place but need additional support or cannot maintain a larger home on their own.

  • Flexibility: ADUs can be used for a variety of purposes, such as a home office, a guest house, or a rental unit. They are also relatively easy to build and can be designed to fit a range of budgets and lifestyles.

  • Environmental benefits: ADUs can help reduce carbon emissions by encouraging denser living and reducing car dependence.

  • Affordable housing: ADUs can help provide affordable housing options in areas with high housing costs by increasing the supply of rental units and reducing demand for larger homes. This can help mitigate the housing affordability crisis in many cities and towns.

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